Contemporary landscape, abstract, and impressionist artist

Contemporary landscape, abstract, and impressionist artist

Contemporary landscape, abstract, and impressionist artistContemporary landscape, abstract, and impressionist artist

Artist's Statement


Artist's Statement

Awards & Exhibitions

Awards & Exhibitions

"The very process of dragging a loaded paintbrush or pushing paint with a blade is interesting to me. There are so many variables in techniques and materials that I endlessly change my approach in order to challenge the common application. I've worked in acrylics, oils and wax,and mixed media, in a continuing effort to try to find a crossover point which will give new expression to my work.

Initially I am seduced by colour that seems to light me up in a split second. It becomes my first concern or idea in both my contemporary landscapes and abstracts. 

I see my role as a visual storyteller (perhaps even a poet with a paintbrush) where I invite the viewer to respond….to feel like they have entered the painting. 

Having grown up on the west coast of British Columbia, I've seen a lot of magnificent trees, forests, rivers and mountains in almost every vista. Two Canadian landscape artists that have had the greatest influence on me are Tom Thompson and Robert Genn, both defining our country with a bold and beautiful language that was distinctly Canadian. I want my work to reflect this same love of country in my own expressive and colourful style.

In doing so, I attempt to establish an ongoing conversation with the land and nature in a poetic sense, amplifying the colour or other elements to express my own responses.

I am fascinated with the movement of wind, often painting its effects in shaping, twisting or deforming the landscape. These paintings are my effort to engage the landscape, to reveal that initial spark of magic which captured me, to take risks and overcome the problems and puzzles that the paintings give me. In the process, I have to summon up courage to experiment and find a way through these raw stages.

This is the visual language I use so that others can join in and become part of the conversation."


Awards & Exhibitions

Awards & Exhibitions

Awards & Exhibitions

• FCA Award of Excellence “Bridges” May 2015 & June 2016

• Ft. St. John PAGS cash award “Reformation” Nov 2014

• Art of the Peace cash award “By Grande Design” Oct 2014

• Encana Award of Excellence “Field of Dreams” and “Primal Response” - 2013

• Federation of Canadian Artists “Outstanding Artistic Excellence” for “Gold Rush” -2013

• Encana “Award of Excellence” (1st prize) for “Take A Bow” Peace Chapter – Federation of Canadian Artists – 2012

• “Award of Excellence” for “Firestorm” – Federation of Canadian Artists – 2011

• Juror Choice Awards for “Crossing Over” and “Knutsford Hills” Shuswap Festival of the Arts 2009 Sorrento, BC.

• Jurors Choice Award for “Heatwave” Shuswap Festival of the Arts 2008, Sorrento, BC.

Murder, Conspiracy & Intrigue: Travelling Exhibition Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

• QEII Courtyard Gallery “Collaboration with Bees II” Jan/Feb 2014 

• Beaverlodge Art Centre Alberta “Collaboration with Bees” Sep 2013 

• Peace River Java Hut Gallery: “Afternoon Tea” – Mono-prints, May 2012

• Four Corners Tea and Gallery: “Afternoon Tea” – Mono-prints, Oct – Dec 2012

• Fairview Art gallery – “Conversations With The Land” – Sep 2012

• Creative Center for the Arts,  Grande Prairie AB - “Conversations With The Land” Nov. 2011 

• Beaverlodge Art Centre Alberta – “Where the Wind Blows” – 2011

• Creative Center for the Arts Dec. 2009. Grande Prairie AB

• Grande Prairie Centre for Creative Arts: “Permission  to Dance” May 2015

• Art Gallery of Grande Prairie - Art of the Peace “Home is Where the Art is” Apr/Aug 2014

• North Peace Gallery, Ft. St. John - Federation of Canadian Artists: “Dimensions of Reality” May 2014

• Artists of the Peace: “Primal Response” chosen to tour Alberta 2011-2013

• Juried Group show - Federation of Canadian Artists, Kamloops Chapter, BC. 2009, 2008, 2007.

• Shuswap Festival of the Arts Juried group Show, Sorrento, BC. 2008, 2009.

• SAGA Juried Group show, Salmon Arm BC. 2007, 2008, 2009.

• Art House on Mill Street, Chilliwack, BC

• Centre for the Creative Arts, Grande Prairie AB

• Dawson Creek Gallery, Dawson Creek BC